Trail of Hope Foundation has taken to itself to raise 100 TV sets for donating into disadvantaged communities,this it after they realized that of the estimated 47 million people who live in South Africa , not all of them have the privilege of owning TV sets nor have enough funds to buy tickets, however by virtue of being in South Africa ,they have high hopes of watching the 2010 FIFA World Cup. In our quest to create a safe TV viewing environment for children in rural ,mining and farming areas during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, we are challenging corporate and other stakeholders to buy TV bundles (10 TVs) for donation to remote schools ,crèches and community projects where children will be able to watch the games for free and safely. The TVs will be handed over to the deserving disadvantaged communities on Fridays as part of Football Fridays. Trail of Hope Foundation (T.H.F) is a youths-inspired registered non-profit organization based in Pretoria, South Africa that empowers orphaned and vulnerable children by effecting change through highlighting and proving sustainable solutions to the desperate struggles orphaned and vulnerable children face in order to survive against poverty, trafficking, abuse, crime, institutionalization and disease.It was founded in 2009 by Tendai Joe. Children in Senegal Watching a communal TV “I grew up without a TV ,being born to a poor family denied me a lot of things.Guess what ,i did not understand what Mandela stood for until 1998.I also never had the chance to watch some important world events because our family did not have a TV set”,said Tendai Joe ,Trail of Hope Foundation founder and marketing director. Schools , churches ,community projects and creches stand to benefit as they will retain the TV sets even after the world cup.They could then use then for community development and educational purposes .Considering that one 72cm TV set may cost R1600 ,and will be watched by at least 40 children ,it means who ever contributes to the cause will be giving R40 to each child ,which is not even enough for a single cinema outing and here we are talking of 64 matches ! The challenge is now to SA’s corporates ,to come on-board and support this initiative.Its for the good of the children and the Foundation has already pitched the idea with media houses and other potential partners and supporters of the initiative. “I look forward to go and watch some of the games with communities where we will donate the TV sets,should corporates come on-board to support us.I think this is a great marketing opportunity for companies that vulue their customer goodwill.”, said Tendai. P.S dear reader your comment is an endorsement to us ,we really value a few words from you.Whats your take on the initiative?


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