Trail of Hope

Trail of Hope Foundation (T.H.F) is a fast growing, youth-inspired non-profit organization based in Pretoria, South Africa that empowers orphaned and vulnerable children by effecting change through highlighting and providing sustainable solutions to the desperate struggles orphaned and vulnerable children face in order to survive against poverty, trafficking, abuse, crime, institutionalization and disease. It was founded in April 2009 by Tendai Sean Joe, a former street child now an international activist for disadvantaged children and youths.

Our Strength

  • Our programs are designed to improve understanding, and lead to more effective ways of involving young people in sustainable social development.
  • The Trail of Hope Foundation represents a milestone in the recognition at the highest levels of the need to practically support youth-led initiatives and lead the way for other organizations and policy makers to place youth at the centre of their development strategies.
  • Young people from every corner of the world know too well what they want and need a say in their own affairs and the decisions that affect them.
  • Young people are most vulnerable to social problems caused by unemployment and poverty. Girls and young women are most at risk. With over 200 million youth living in poverty, 130 million illiterate, 88 million unemployed and 10 million young people living with HIV/AIDS, there is a clear need to invest more in youth.
  • Youth-led development is about young people making a living and future for themselves and their communities. It involves business and community improvement projects, devised and managed by young people, often working alongside adults with the know-how they can pass on.
  • Trail of Hope Foundation would like to strengthen youth led development that can improve understanding, and lead to more effective policies and strategies to strengthen the role of youth in sustainable social development. I.e Millennium Development Goals and their youth-related targets.
  • It will help young people find new opportunities in life, especially when it comes to employment and entrepreneurship.


To empower orphaned and vulnerable children by reintroducing UBUNTU as a global language spoken, understood and lived by all those who journey with us on the TRAIL OF HOPE and create a platform to develop critical consciousness for nations who envision a brighter future for disadvantaged African youth.


Our mission is to create a platform that highlights and provides sustainable solutions to the desperate struggles orphaned and vulnerable children face in order to survive against poverty, trafficking, abuse, crime, institutionalization, disease and recruitment into military conflicts. Thus the international community can effect change.


1-Dream Leaders Conferences – Dream Leaders teaches middle school and high school

students how they can use their struggles as motivation to help others. Dream Leaders gives teenagers the tools to see their challenges such as living in poverty, having a disability, facing

Discrimination, losing a loved one, or whatever else life has thrown at them, not as a disadvantage, but as a guiding force in their journey to make positive change in the world.

2- Lebogang Outreach  Project– A volunteer driven program ,Lebogang Outreach project is a monthly outreach activity carried out by the THF team, students , volunteers and sponsors /partners in different areas of (Gauteng ),supporting child headed families ,orphanages , Old People , township schools and wherever our members identify needing our presents.

3- Turn Around – A program which empowers orphaned and vulnerable children by offering free counseling, skills development, sports, disaster management skills, motivational speaking and healing camps.

4 – Multimedia Project –Using Photography, film and art to help children tell their stories and dreams of an ideal world. We create partnerships with the film industry as well as individuals ,who in turn pass on their expertise and resources to the less privileged children. By so doing we create possibilities and a stronger platform for communication between the world and the children ,at the same time giving them skills that can help develop their communities.

5-Pebbles Project– provide adults, families and communities the resources and awareness and support needed to prevent sexual abuse on children-before there is a victim to heal or perpetrator to  REHABILITATE . The Foundations believes that all adults must accept the responsibility to recognize, acknowledge and confront the behaviours that put children at risks of sexual abuse.


Less privileged  children and youths. We are guided by the spirit of Ubuntu and our projects and outreach cuts across all social boundaries, focusing on breaking down stereotypes and social barriers. By bringing children together from every race, background, ability, and religion, we are creating a space where discrimination is replaced by the celebration of our common humanity.


One of the most critical issues that we face is ensuring financial sustainability for our good works to continue. Trail of Hope Foundation depends on the support of generous individuals and organizations to carry out its mission .To this day ,Trail of Hope Foundation has operated with no funding ,mostly providing support and volunteer referrals to orphanages and townships. Everyone’s contribution is invaluable to us, whether it be of time, talent or ideas, money or in-kind items or otherwise, and whether it be large or small, and there are many ways you can help.


Trail of Hope Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors bound by a Memorandum of Association and a constitution. Trail of Hope Foundation is registered as a Section 21 Company , operating for no profit. Board members are drawn from different fields including legal, corporate, government, education and religious entities.

Get Involved

Sponsor ToHF– As an individual /group /corporate entity you can sponsor a specific project among our Four Projects. Sponsorship can be in Cash or Kind. Some of our projects need resources to succeed and with your commitment and support we can achieve our mission.

In-kind support
In-kind support might consist of donated products, equipment, services, or space. Since in-kind support could be easier and less expensive for your company to provide than a monetary grant, this could be our  first step in building a  lasting  sustainable philanthropic relationship .

Partner with ToHF– As a brand/school /group/company you can be a partner in different activities we carry out. Either for a specific project or by helping us sustain our day to day activities .As a company you can be a pro bono partner.

Fundraise for ToHF– You can help Trail of Hope Foundation by fundraising for us from wherever you will be. Your efforts will go a long way in supporting out outreach and empowerment projects.

Endorse ToHF– You can also help us stand out in the crowd by endorsing our cause and work. You can do so in many ways including writing up an endorsement note for ToHF, linking us on your website, co-branding our logo and your brand in our charity

Volunteer with ToHF– Through Lebogang Outreach Project you can volunteer as an individual ,team ,class ,family or even couple !Every month we identify a specific community or orphanage to support.

Spread the message about ToHF – use word of mouth, social media and all forms of communication you have access to and help us get more volunteers, funders and partners.

We also welcome your ideas and suggestions for other ways you can participate. We view every contribution, whether it be of time, talent or ideas,  or in-kind items or otherwise, and whether it be large or small, as essential to our success

Our Current Needs

Legal Services

Website Design/Graphic Design

Business Cards

Office furniture

PR Services

Fundraising Consultancy

Marketing Services

Office Space Joburg/Pretoria

ADSL/Internet Services

IT support ( Hardware and Software)

Accounting Services

For more information contact:

Tendai Joe

Founder  /Managing Director


Tel:  +27 719 715 992

Skype:    tendai.joe

Twitter: @tendaijoe

Trail of Hope Foundation ethics state that :The concept of human dignity is fundamental to the character of being human, signifying that all human beings possess an intrinsic worthiness


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