Corporate Package

Corporate Challenge

A bundle of 10  74cm  TVs @ a cost of  R1600 each

Sponsorship Package available for  R20 000


  • Logo on campaign T-shirts
  • Logo on this blog
  • Mentions on all press releases
  • Company logo on campaign Banners
  • Arranged TV and Radio interviews
  • Company representatives to handover the TVs to beneficiaries.
  • Logo on campaign vehicle(still looking for a sponsored vehicle)


Schools , churches ,community projects and creches stand to benefit as they will retain the TV sets even after the world cup.They could then use then for community development and educational purposes .Considering that one 72cm TV set may cost R1600 ,and will be watched by at least 40 children ,it means who ever contributes to the cause will be giving R40 to each child ,which is not even enough for a single cinema outing and here we are talking of 64 matches !

For more information

Please contact

Cell 071 971 5992


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