ETV’s Sunrise Sport Endorses Screens4Hope

Sunrise is ETV’s South African news and actuality breakfast television show hosted by Graeme Richards and Sindy Mabe which covers the latest news in politics, sport, business, health, entertainment, weather and traffic.

Sunrise sports  is the sport segment  more newsy with more fixed features, inserts and more cutting edge since it is manned by the people running the 24-hour news operation.And today ,Screens4Hope received a message from the producers and it reads ,”Morning Very interesting project Sunrise sports would like to cover this

I made an immediate call and guess what ,it was all praises.They basically andorsed the whole concept ,which makes it even a worthy cause.We hope many children will benefit from this initiative.

We have also conatcted the local municipalities in the 3 provinces to help us identify deserving communities and schools.I have travelled the whole of the 3 provinces before ,but as you know changes happen everyday.We are also in negotiations with TV distributers have discounted prices on the TV sets for the cause.

Keep up the support


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