Welcome to Screen4Hope Project.


In our quest to create a safe  TV viewing environment for children in rural ,mining and farming areas during the 2010 FIFA World Cup,the Trail of Hope Foundation realized that of the  estimated 47 million people who live in South Africa , not all of them have the privilege of owning TV sets nor have enough funds to buy tickets, however by virtue of being in South Africa ,they have high hopes of watching the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

But not many of them living in rural ,mining and farming areas will have the opportunity to access a TV set to watch  the spectacle in the comfort of their homes.Therefore we have come up with the Screens for Hope Campaign.We are encouraging corporates to buy a TVs in bundles (10) ,and we would like to donate them to schools , churches , crèches and community projects were children can safely join the estimated 26.3billion spectators from around the world in celebrating the event.

Our Mission

  • Encourage corporates and other potential donors to think about the forgotten rural children who would also want to be part of the historic event
  • Collect and donate Television sets to communities in remote parts of the country including farms ,mines and rural areas.
  • Encourage free shared viewing of games ,at schools , crèches and community projects which will enhance community unity
  • All donated Television sets will belong to the communities they will be donated to .
  • Provide an alternative environment for children to watch the FIFA World Cup matches besides alcohol outlets which may expose them to abuse or abusing substances.

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